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Health Tips For Every Day Healthy Living

Nutrition Advice

  • Start the day with a glass of water and the juice of half a lemon. This is an excellent liver cleanse.
  • A teaspoon of barley grass powder, spirulina or chlorella adds nutrition to an otherwise quick breakfast.
  • Use butter, milk, cheese, eggs and other animal products from grass fed or pastured animals.


  • Buy bread in an open paper bag. Bread packaged in plastic is usually moldy, even if you don’t see mold.
  • Get extra virgin, cold-pressed olive oil in dark glass bottles since dark glass prevents rancidity from light passing through. When you cook with extra virgin olive, use medium heat only because the oil is heat sensitive. Nutrients are destroyed with high heat. Coconut oil has a higher burning point and is better for frying or stir-frying.
  • Use herbs like parsley, cilantro, onions and garlic every day and other herbs whenever available. These add more nutrients, chlorophyll and flavor. Cilantro and parsley are cleansing as well. Garlic is antifungal and antibacterial besides its many other uses.
  • Keep your recipes simple. Use only the best ingredients and meals will be delicious. Add variety and use produce that in season.
  • Don’t forget to eat light-colored vegetables like potatoes, mushrooms, taro root and rutabaga. These are nutritious too and easily forgotten while concentrating on leafy greens such as kale, chard, mustard and collard greens.
  • Buy at your local farmers’ market whenever possible. Some farmers sell meats as well. These farmers keep animals humanely and grass fed without antibiotics and hormones. There are also farm delivery services should there not be time to visit a market.
  • Don’t leave the house without eating breakfast. Your brain and adrenals will thank you for it. You have no appetite? Eat anyway and you will get used to it.
  • What shall I eat? A slice of bread with almond butter or cheese from grass fed cows will give you plenty of energy and nutrition. Boiled eggs, or an omelet if you have time, are good choices. Don’t use quick-cooking oats since these are too processed. Always add seeds or nuts for more sustainable energy.
  • When you eat breakfast, a feeling of well-being will be with you all morning and you won’t forget where you left your keys. Eating breakfast is necessary for good brain function.
  • Adhering to some of these points will guarantee better and sustained health. Make all of them your own and you are creating well-being, a joy of life and lots of energy.