Nutrition Consultation

Our nutrition consultation consists of a diet analysis, health evaluation profile and nutritional assessment. A personal diet plan is created based on conclusions drawn from these taking into consideration all of the client’s nutritional needs. This includes a whole food program, advice on how to prepare food to save nutrients and supplement recommendations should these be necessary.

Regardless of whether your condition is simple or complex, we provide directions on how to implement everything that is new and unaccustomed. Guidance is always available

Diet Analysis

This is a review of the client’s current diet. It is based on a consistent and truthful Food Journal maintained by the client for 5 days prior to the first consultation. The journal reveals eating habits, food addictions and deficiencies.

Health Evaluation Profile

Past and present health issues, family health traumas, stresses, medications and supplements are all assessed to ascertain the nutritional needs of the person.

Nutritional Assessment

Mood, energy level, satisfaction and feelings of well-being are measured against the client’s current diet. Within the individual’s overall eating pattern, recommendations are made about what nutrients to add, to replace or discard.

A thorough consultation generally lasts 2 hours. Monthly check-in is highly recommended for further suggestions, directions and to provide steady support in making lifestyle changes and adjusting to new routines.

Weight Loss Program with Detoxification

Often, underlying health problems and medications can prevent weight loss. Therefore, health issues have to be addressed first before a healthy weight can be achieved.

By teaching ways to make the right food choices based on nutritional content, we adjust as well as correct existing diets.

We believe in a weight loss regime that still maintains at least a 2500-calorie intake. This number of calories will be from nutrient dense food rather than processed or refined foods. Foods like vegetables, fruit or eggs score high in nutrients and low in calories. However, chips, crackers and cakes have no nutrients but are high in calories. The number of calories may be the same in a given food, but nutritional value may differ significantly.


As a certified homeopath, I use remedies and biochemical cell salts whenever indicated to promote the healing process.

Quick Nutrition Evaluation

If you have feelings of discomfort, lack of energy, undiagnosed pain and digestive problems, these could be related to a faulty diet lacking nutrients or the wrong type of foods in the diet.

Answer the questions in our Quick Nutrition Evaluation Questionnaire. Based on your answers, we can see if your symptoms are diet based.