“Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with all of us. We really enjoyed the time with you and it was not only educational, but also very entertaining and fun! You are so engaging and funny!”

Tracy Jimenez, Pacifico Dance Company

“Thank you for your help in finding a solution to my daughter’s molluscum break out. Everyone should know of our success. It was a nightmare to consider freezing them off as her doctor suggested, and you provided an amazing remedy. Her skin has been clear for months. Wed are so thankful to have your patient, thoughtful, brilliant care.”

Kim Kabbash Smith

“It was by Google fate I came upon Marlene McKee and her Body IQ program online, whilst trying to find information on nutritional and supplemental needs for my own stressed-induced ailments. I was intrigued by her BodyIQ health evaluation, and the fact the questions asked were not things asked by my own doctor. The questions inquired about elements in my life that at first seem innocuous, but upon receiving back McKee’s evaluation, I found there were indeed links between my lifestyle and the triggering of my ailments-starting with not getting enough of the right nutrients to allow me to sustain my busy life. McKee’s evaluation made me step back and realize there is a huge disconnect between our habits, lifestyles, and the extraordinary mechanism that is our body. More simply, I’ve been letting my body down by not eating the right foods.

McKee’s term of BodyIQ says it best. The body has its own”innate intelligence” or IQ on how to run efficiently, but we so often ignore its needs time and time again, only to wonder why we are slowed down and/or shackled with disease. Reading further on the BodyIQ website, Marlene’s life and her blogs on various health issues, all of which led me to think there is a lot I need to address to reclaim my health, and meeting Marlene was first on my to-do list.

Beyond her nutritional guidance, Marlene is also well versed in supplements and homeopathy. When I met her, she did more than go through my eating habits. She asked about my life. She pieced together what activities in my life were contributing to my health issues that included being run down, loss of memory, and depression I was in and out of. I asked her how it was that she was asking about the stresses in my life, when I thought diet was the core of my issues. McKee’s response was enlightening and made me question the whole medical community. She told me how her approach to health is from the homeopathic school thought, “which treats the entire person-physically and emotionally. She continues, “You owe it to a person to treat the whole person. You have to investigate why one’s immune system would be compromised to create the illness. In homeopathy, the body has many ‘bodies ‘ [to evaluate].” Her words rang very true for me.

Marlene overhauled every aspect of my health and brought me to understanding my BodyIQ in every way.

It is not often you meet someone you trust immediately, but meeting Marlene McKee will make you do just that. Maybe it is her captivating Mother Earth quality, or maybe it is her extensive experience in the field of nutrition and homeopathy that make you want to revamp your daily routine and reclaim your health. Whatever it is, her nutritional feng-shui will guide you back to your BodyIQ and a healthier you for life.

Tiffany Walker

“I can’t tell how much your knowledge and protectiveness mean to me.”

Lauren C. Frim, West Hollywood

I called Marlene after my 18-month-old son was continually getting sick.  We had been to the doctor’s office multiple times and eventually his runny nose and chest infection would clear up, only to return a few weeks later.  Marlene took the time and really listened to what was going on and followed up with me multiple times in order to ensure the homeopathic recommendations she made were working.  She offered continued support and explained what each treatment did, how to use the remedies and when to stop.  She also made herself available for any and all questions I had.  She is amazing and my son hasn’t been sick in months thanks to Marlene!

Amanda Cruse