Quick Nutrition Consultation


Answers to the following questions can provide information of what might be lacking in your diet and how we can improve it for you to achieve a better state of health,

1. Do you have joints, muscle and bone pain without definite diagnosis ? *

2. Do you have frequent headaches? *

3. Is it difficult for you to get up in the morning? *

4. Do you sleep through the night or have periods of waking up more than once? *

5. Are you low in energy? *

6. Do you feel energized with your choice of food once you had your first meal? *

7.When do you have the first meal of the day? *

8. Do you eat breakfast? *

9.How do you feel after eating? *

10.Do you have symptoms of indigestion? *

11. What is your stress level at home and work, one being the lowest and ten the highest? *

12. Do you suffer from depression and mood swings? *

13. Do you have allergies? *

14. Are you taking medications? *

15. Do you exercise and how often? *

16. Can you give a sample of what you eat at breakfast? *

17. Lunch? *

18. Dinner? *

19. What food makes you feel better, protein, fats or carbohydrates? *

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