Enhancing Meatballs with Citrus Fiber

The Standard American Diet does not contain many nutrients. Foods are usually processed, genetically modified, grown in poor soil and sprayed with pesticides. Many people, due to time constraints, resort to fast foods from restaurants. Fast food meals are meat-based and high in simple carbohydrates.



These quick meals don’t promote health since vegetables and fruits are rarely included and important fiber is lacking. Vegetables with soluble fiber, vitamins and minerals are necessary for sustaining health. Cooking at home would provide what is missing in fast food, but home cooking is a rare practice for the same reason people buy fast food – no time.

As long as I have been an advocate for good nutrition, I have urged clients to add special super foods as ingredients in their cooking. Nutritional yeast, lecithin, blackstrap molasses and wheat germ products are examples of nutritiously high foods of that type. They neither deter from taste nor looks of the end product, but deliver a much more nutritious meal. http://bodyiqonline.com/old-fashioned-super-foods/

With renewed enthusiasm in what I always believed, I read the article about incorporating citrus fiber into a recipe for meatballs for the sole purpose of sorely needed fiber.

Returning to the Basics

The way we think about food is slowly changing. Instead of looking at food as stilling hunger or satisfying cravings, we are turning to it as disease prevention. Yes, you are what you eat and food is your medicine!

Realizing that meat is a heavily dug-into commodity among Americans, a doctoral student at the University of Missouri-Columbia tested how citrus fiber could be added to a protein, ground beef, to make sure fiber would be present.

University of Missouri-Columbia. “Adding citrus fiber to meatballs improves nutritional quality, does not affect taste.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 15 October 2013. <www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/10/131015123836.htm>.

Fiber prevents constipation and digestive problems, heart disease and balances blood sugar levels, which makes fiber an important support for diabetics. Fiber is also instrumental in detoxifying heavy metals. Fiber helps to control obesity by imparting a feeling of fullness. Fiber is a necessity!

After some tries to find the correct proportions, the result was satisfactory if not outright satisfying in taste.

The test revealed that the addition of citrus fiber to a ground beef recipe for meatballs does not detract from taste and quality. Citrus imparted its tangy flavor and fiber increased the quantity of meatballs at the end. Texture and color too were nothing to be ashamed of. They suggested to use citrus fiber instead of breadcrumbs when making meatballs. A great idea!

For a restaurant size portion, approximately 5 grams of fiber was used. Perhaps a little experimenting to get the best taste would be in order.

I use ground dried organic lemon peel to flavor meat. It also supplies some fiber. I only do this since discarding anything organically grown seems a sacrilege. It’s worth a try if you use a lot of lemons.

Citrus fiber can be bought in any vitamin shop or whole foods market.

It pays off to make some time available for cooking and eating at home with family in a loving and peaceful environment. Cooking at home puts you in control of your own and your family’s health while adding all kinds of interesting super foods to your mixtures of soups, sauces and meatballs. It’s empowering to be in the kitchen for the sake of good health.


Ref.: University of Missouri-Columbia. “Adding citrus fiber to meatballs improves nutritional quality, does not affect taste.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 15 October 2013. <www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/10/131015123836.htm>.