Body IQ test

Test yourself to see if you match your body’s wisdom. Take the BodyIQ test by answering the following ten questions

1. Do you eat breakfast every day? *

2. Do you eat food containing protein, carbohydrates and fat three times a day? *

3. Do you sit down for every meal? *

4. Do you feel, after each meal, that your food was digested? *

5. Do you eat a variety of different vegetables every day? *

6. Do you exercise at least three times a week for 30 minutes? *

7. Can you live without sugar or artificial sweeteners each day? *

8. Can you live without fast foods? *

9. Could you live without a microwave? *

10. Do you cook and eat at home at least five times a week? *

If you answered three or more of these questions with “no”, you are in need of help. Help is just around the corner.

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