Marlene Mckee

I have been an advocate for holistic nutrition all my life. I believe it is the only way to better health. Eating whole foods, grown in nourishing soil, makes me feel good in body, mind and spirit. I want everybody to feel that way too.

When I first came into this country, the many crunchy, salty and sugary snacks tempted me; let alone those temples of fast foods. Of course, I tasted everything once. The experience was disappointing; I did not feel as good as I thought I would.

I was born and raised in Germany. It was my mother who introduced me to eating well. She talked to me about vitamins when hardly anybody knew of them. She had a vast knowledge of medicinal herbs. Early on, she taught me what herbs to collect, how to dry them and make teas to be used as medicine. At that time, western medicine and pharmaceutical drugs were not as readily available. There were hospitals where people went for surgeries, but it was not customary to see a doctor. We used herbs to heal infections, colds and childhood diseases for which we were not vaccinated. This created a strong immune system perhaps preventing more serious problems. I raised my children that way. Even eating processed foods when my back was turned, after their sojourns, they returned to my way of eating. They are healthy and strong individuals.

I came here for a visit, but decided to stay after testing the plan a few times by returning home and coming back.

I became a certified Nutrition Educator and Diet Counselor through Bauman College, Berkeley, CA. Prior to that, I received my Diploma in Advanced Studies in Homeopathy from the British Institute of Homeopathy in England. I did an internship with James Stephenson, MD and Homeopath in New York City.

I owned health food stores in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Santa Monica, California. I have lectured at these locations to help people make better food choices. My upbringing and experience have underscored my belief that we can heal ourselves and prevent illnesses with whole food, nature’s medicines and our body’s innate wisdom and healing potential. Additionally, regular exercise will contribute to a faster way to sustained health.

Come, join me and let me help you raise your Body IQ. You will be so happy you did.