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Marlene McKee started BodyIQonline from a dedication to wholesome food, love for the earth, and respect for the incredibly complex human body. Reverence for the body’s intricately interwoven mechanisms—where food transforms into molecules to repair and keep us alive—prompted the name BodyIQ.

Achieving and sustaining the health of our complex and highly intelligent bodily functions requires constant nourishment and daily sustenance of superior food. Although the opportunity to buy healthy organic produce is available, this does not guarantee the knowledge to make the right choices. BodyIQonline teaches you to select foods based on their health benefits. We guide you through the perplexity of labels, terms, and deceptive descriptions crafted to entice the buyer. We offer help in all aspects of a real food life, enabling lifestyle changes and new routines to manifest with ease.

We help raise food awareness. The origin of food, growing conditions, and travel distance are important facts to know regarding quality and freshness. The treatment of livestock—whether fed their native diet, free from hormones and antibiotics—plays a significant role in our health. It is imperative to nourish the body with familiar, real, unadulterated food, not food artifacts that compromise our most essential quality: health.

Our help extends to all individual diet preferences. We seek to optimize your regime with healthy whole foods, adjusted to fit your changing needs, stressors and traumas. Experience has shown that boosting nutrition with “super foods” and other less common foods may be critical for success in sustaining health.

We update our blog regularly with important nutrition information, easy to understand food recommendations, and simplified cooking advice. Follow us on Facebook for links to studies, informative articles and further ways for you to take action.

Our services are geared to all ages and fit into any budget. We can help with anything from Nutrition Advice to pantry makeover and shopping as well as weight loss without dieting and dietary aids. Our unsolicited testimonials attest to our dedication to your health.

Caring support is guaranteed.

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